My Story

I got my BA in Translation and Interpretation from Universidad Central de Venezuela. During my time there I worked as Undergraduate Teaching Assistant and took extra credits in Teaching Foreign Languages and Literary Translation. I started as a Freelance Translator and Interpreter in 2014 and I have worked in different projects ranging from Medical, Technological, Legal, Research, to Business and Trading ever since.

On the tutoring side, I started teaching in college and kept growing in the field by developing foreign languages programs for private companies and also assisting independent students with private tutoring. Nowadays, I am a TESOL Certified instructor (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

What Brought Me Here

My greatest interest was always Literary Translation. Growing up I was a bookworm; therefore, my main motivation to become a Translator was to be one day the person helping to send a message to other cultures, the same way someone made it available once to me.

Nowadays, I have worked in different literary projects as editor, translator and proofreader.

Literary Translation

Violación personal

by David P. Warren

Translated by Nicole Angelini

Where else to find me?

In this globalized world you might find different ways to connect or take advantage of languages. Here are my options for you!

Hablemos Español con Nicky

A YouTube channel that will help you improve your Spanish skills from home.

Hablemos Español con Nicky

Self-paced Online Spanish Course for Beginners available on Udemy.

Udemy Certificate of Completion.

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